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Pickup Trucks For Sale

Pickups are the preferred vehicle choice for handymen, contractors, painters, and the like because of their high MPG, power, and size. Pickup trucks provide ultimate flexibility in metro environments like San Jose, San Francisco and other Bay Area cities—you’re able to find parking, but yet carry tools and other work materials. Some of our used trucks—like our Ford Super Cabs—also offer an extended cab to carry passengers.

What are you waiting for? Upgrade your company's productivity and check out our used trucks. Contact us today! Alternatively, check out our pickup truck rentals. We’re happy to join your side as your trusted source for all of your commercial vehicle needs.

Need something for your bigger projects? Check out our box vans, cargo vans, or any of our other commercial vehicle inventory.

Stock No. Year Make Model / Body Miles Price Photos
Mini Pickups
Coming In 20673 2013 Toyota Tacoma Regular Cab Pickup 125K $11,995 Holding image
20647 2011 Ford Ranger 7' Long Bed Regular Cab Pickup - 4.0L V6 41K $15,995 Holding image
20650 2011 Ford Ranger 7’ Long Bed Regular Cab Pickup - 2.3L 4 Cyl. 41K $14,995 Holding image
20648 2011 Ford Ranger 7' Long Bed Regular Cab Pickup - 4.0L V6 67K $13,995 Holding image
20685 2010 Toyota Tacoma EXTENDED CAB Pickup - WORK SHELL & RACK 117K $18,995 Holding image
20580 2010 Chev Colorado EXTENDED CAB Pickup With Shell - 4 X 4 57K $17,995 Holding image
20703 2009 Ford Ranger SUPER CAB Pickup - XLT - 13,000 Miles 13K $18,995 Holding image
20604 2008 Ford Ranger Short Bed Regular Cab Pickup - 3.0L V6 69K $11,995 Holding image
20609 2007 Ford Ranger Short Bed Regular Cab Pickup - 3.0L V6 50K $12,995 Holding image
1/2-Ton Pickups
20643 2014 Ford F150 5.5' Short Bed CREW CAB Pickup - XLT 50K $27,995 Holding image
20662 2014 Chev 1500 6.5' Short Bed DOUBLE CAB Pickup - WORK SHELL 58K $24,995 Holding image
20687 2013 Ford F150 8’ Long Bed Regular Cab Pickup 19K $20,995 Holding image
20676 2013 Ford F150 8’ Long Bed Regular Cab Pickup 45K $17,995 Holding image
20724 2007 Ford F150 6.5' Short Bed SUPER CAB Pickup 73K $13,995 Holding image
3/4-Ton Pickups
20728 2014 Ford F250 8' Long Bed SUPER CAB Pickup 80K $24,995 Holding image
20741 2014 Ford F250 8’ Long Bed Regular Cab Pickup - 4 X 4 -XLT 104K $21,995 Holding image
20736 2013 Ford F250 6.75' Short Bed SUPER CAB Pickup - XLT - 14,000 MILES 14K $29,995 Holding image
20735 2008 Chev 2500 HD 8’ Long Bed Regular Cab Pickup - 52,000 MILES 52K $17,995 Holding image