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Box Vans For Sale

Are you searching for a box van or large moving van in the Bay Area? Hengehold Trucks has a variety of used box vans available to assist those in Sacremento, San Jose, and San Francisco move items with ease. Box vans, parcel vans, and step vans are among the most popular vehicles sold at Hengehold Trucks because of their ability to carry a heavy load, while keeping items inside protected from weather and theft. Beyond, our refrigerated box vans are perfect for shipping perishable items. Looking for something smaller? Be sure to check out our cargo vans, or mini cargo vans.

Alternatively, if you’re afraid of commitment, discover our affordable box van rental inventory. Our collection of affordable commercial vans is one of the reasons why we’re one of California’s preferred choices for used commercial vehicles. We look forward to connecting with you to discover the right vehicle to make your life easier — contact us today!

Stock No. Year Make Model / Body Miles Price Photos
Refrigerated Vans
20661 2017 Ram ProMaster 2500 Promaster Cargo Van - HIGH ROOF - 159" WB - REFRIGERATED w/ STANDBY 0K $51,995 Holding image
20693 2016 Chev 4500 14’ REFRIGERATED Parcel Van with STANDBY & RAMP 63K $47,995 Holding image
One and Two Ton Bobtail Vans
20733 2013 Ford F750 24’ Box Van with LIFTGATE - 39,999 MILES 39K $56,995 Holding image
20585 2012 Ford F650 20’ Box Van with LIFTGATE 50K $38,995 Holding image
20472 2013 Isuzu NPR HD 16’ Box Van - 6.0L GAS 48K $31,995 Holding image
20695 2012 Isuzu NPR HD 16’ Box Van with LIFTGATE - 5.2L DIESEL 83K $32,995 Holding image
20680 2012 Isuzu NPR HD 12’ Box Van with RAILGATE - 5.2L DIESEL 62K $31,995 Holding image
Parcel Vans
20614 2014 Chev 3500 12’ Parcel Van on Single Wheels with LIFTGATE 64K $29,995 Holding image
20660 2013 Chev 3500 12' Parcel Van on Single Rear Wheels with LIFTGATE 47K $28,995 Holding image
20608 2012 Chev 3500 12’ Parcel Van on Dual Rear Wheels with LIFTGATE 57K $25,995 Holding image
20529 2012 GMC 3500 12' Parcel Van on Single Rear Wheels 106K $19,995 Holding image
19969 2011 Ford E350 12’ Parcel Van on Dual Rear Wheels 70K $21,995 Holding image
14583-12R07 2005 Ford E350 12’ Parcel Van with WALKRAMP 105K $14,995 Holding image
14304-12G03 2004 Ford E350 12’ Parcel Van with LIFTGATE 99K $15,995 Holding image
20714 2012 Ford E350 10' Utility/Parcel on Single Rear Wheels 77K $32,995 Holding image
Step Vans
20702 2007 Ford E350 16' Step Van / Walk-In on Dual Rear Wheels - HIGH ROOF - 4,000 Miles 4K $33,995 Holding image
20508 2009 Ford E350 12' Step Van / Walk-In on Dual Rear Wheels - HIGH ROOF 36K $29,995 Holding image
20405 2007 Ford E350 12' Step Van / Walk-In on Dual Rear Wheels 13K $27,995 Holding image
20433 2006 Ford E350 11' Step Van / Walk-In on Single Rear Wheels 12K $25,995 Holding image